Claude Whitacre On Local Online Marketing In 2011 From Dallas Texas

Claude Whitacre was invited to speak at a conference hosted by Mike Crow. There were about 300 business owners in the audience. Claude was the last speaker in a 3 day event. If you would like to book Claude to speak at your event, just go to Every marketing technique utilized in small business; radio, signage, direct mail, tv, and more really needs a link to your small business web site. Then there ought to be a reason for the consumer to choose to visit your internet site. It might be a special offer, free report, contest, or a helpful article….anything that generates a yearning to stop at your website. Simply stating "Find out more at our website" isnt a useful reason to go to your internet site. "Visit our website and get a $20 Gift Certificate that may be used for any new purchase" is a reason to check out your website. Direct mail, Yellow Pages, TV, postcards, and radio each will work if these are used judiciously, and their responses tested. One of the easiest methods to be certain that your advertising and marketing is profitable is to make each offline ad a link to your web site, where you can convey a far more thorough sales presentation as to why the consumer should go to your local business or phone your small business and buy from you. Why is it you need to possess an online presence? In the year 2011 fully 67% of all Yellow Page searches are made online as opposed to in the Yellow Page print directory. And how are people performing <b>…<b>