ChicSpeak: New job, New phone, and I’m hosting a shoe show!

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25 thoughts on “ChicSpeak: New job, New phone, and I’m hosting a shoe show!

  1. So jealous of the deal you got on your phone! I want the lifeproof case so badly but its WAY too expensive

  2. Wonderful job on all these new exciting oppurtunities coming your way that you deserve!You are so incredibly mature for your age and you are a joy to watch!God bless!

  3. dealing with new phones and phone companies and everything sucks so much i hate it, so i feel ya with all your phone problems.

  4. hayley i REALLY need your help!
    i have a school dance coming up in december (i’m a senior in hs) and i have 2 dresses to choose between. you obviously can’t see them, but one is black and sparkly and formfitting, and one is white and more of a shift shape and it has a jewely peter pan collar. i can’t decide which to wear – should i save the white one for prom in may?

  5. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who has trouble with AT&T service! LOL It’s so bad I had to purchase a microcell (mini cell tower that runs off my router) just to get any bars in my house!

  6. I recently switched from an iPhone to the Galaxy S3 and honestly I would never go back. There are so many features I like better on the android, I don’t miss dealing with the frustrations of itunes/syncing, etc. But everyone has their own taste.

  7. I too just switched from the iPhone to the S3… I do NOT miss the iPhone even though the only real problem I ever had with it was the button sticking! The S3 is awesome!

  8. Honestly there are so many things that Androids can do that iPhones can’t. What bothers me is the iPhones are all about hype. Everyone wants one because everyone has one, and that’s all.

  9. i got the same lifeproof case a few weeks ago, love it a first. Then got tired of people telling me how horrible the sound quality was when they called me. So i took it off and im saving it for the pool next summer :)

  10. I had SO many different types of phones, got a iPhone and I wont use anything else

  11. My boyfriend and I got 2 iphones for only $150 with REALLY bad credit from Rogers

  12. so glad you’re still working in bridal! I was nervous when I saw that pic because I know how much you love it! you are such a successful young woman. very inspirational!

  13. I just upgraded to an HTC one X from my iPhone 4 that I had for 2 years. I miss my iPhone so much! And it was Actually durable, I had a cheap case on it and dropped it several times (sometimes on the road) it never shattered!

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