Cheap Minecraft Server Hosting (HD)

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23 thoughts on “Cheap Minecraft Server Hosting (HD)

  1. Its a month by month payment so you have to pay every month a cost to keep your server up. If you want me to find the cost you may contact me through comments! :)

  2. Hell to me that looks a bit leggy bro but still that’s a good server host by experience

  3. Sorry about the lagg if you have it. When I watch the video there is no lagg but you can try them and get a 15 day trial if you dont like them. If you need help please ask anything! :)

  4. yea dude the server looks good and i like the server host but too me the server looked a bit laggy except thats probably cause your actually recording

  5. Yes its because im recording in HD and it take a lot of space/memory/RAM.

  6. Go to "Hosting Packages" and highlight over it and click "Gaming Servers" and the first one should be "Minecraft". If you have anymore questions please comment again. :)

  7. Its a 5 slot server with 1GB, and RAM usage is at 99%… why is it using so much?

  8. If you look at 8:04 you can see there are 8 people out of 5 in the server. This is because ops can join even when it is full. :)

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