5 thoughts on “Channel Niners Hosting Pam Tamblin and Ashleigh Mac

  1. Um…….the guy doing the voice over for the pilot in the plane is so obviously making references to smoking marijuana……’billa bong’……’I’ll be high’……..dont think they even got it. I was on this show once…….pity it was in the late 70’s so was too early to have been caught on vcr :(

  2. legendary god thanks so much for taking the time to upload this man I loved this show so much and its impossible to find these days

  3. kids shows these days just don’t seem to have the same comical value and wit that is on display here! and it has a true Aussie feel as well to boot.

  4. What was your source for this video? Quality seems too good for an old VHS recording… Oh and what was the date of this show?

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