25 thoughts on “Carrie Underwood – Carrie’s Hosting Bits – CMA’s 10′ :)

  1. I have a new way to Harvest Oil from Alaska! LOL
    BRYAN GARTEN for President!
    Nice show Carrie. Awesome job! God Bless You LITTLE BUDDY

  2. Jeff Gordon!!! Haha Im glad im not the only one who thinks he and Brad look alike. Nascar + Country Music= <3333

  3. I just went to the country music hall of fame and saw that last dress she was wearing:-))) -3

  4. I live in Scotland and i dunno how to get onto ABC but i REAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLY want to see this years CMAs in November…how can i see them??

  5. Carrie is so adorable! The CMA’s bring out the funny goofy side of her that her fans don’t normally get to see! I love it! Her an Brad are great hosts!!!

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