21 thoughts on “Bunny shower

  1. you dont HAVE to bath them but it helps them when there dirty and they stay cleaner that way.
    being unuducated and not knowing what your even talking about is stupid!

  2. exactly! i hate when people say idot things. i know if i tried to put a drop of water on my rabbit be would bolt away scratching and clawing.

  3. you guys are retarded saying its abuse, he clearly love his bunny, Abuse would be if he poured water in their sensitive ears -.-

  4. uh. You must not know much about rabbits…it could have EASILY jumped the tub edge if it was so scared. Rodent’s first instincts when something touches them they dont like or are scared on if run. I know bunnies have a tendency to freeze but thats only when youre at a distance. If it didnt want the water it would be scrambling to get out. Ever see a cat fall in a bathtub? yeah. that.

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  6. I was going to respond to the knucklehead you’re responding to but its not worth it. He’ll find every reason in the book to damn Segaton to hell for blatant animal abuse: showering his bunny. Wabbits R great swimmers. Remember that one that swam out into a lake to attack ex prez Jimmy Carter? That wuz my wabbit. Yep, & I called him ‘Bugs’ too. Permit me to introduce myself. My name is Schitts. Bullwinkle Schitts. Glad to make yer acquaintance.

  7. I know what you mean. I also have an esoteric psychic connection with my bunny. Playboy bunny, that is. Every time she gives me a pained, anguished look of panicked desperation like this bunny does, She knows it’s feeding time for Yvonne, my boa. Now don’t get me wrong, My boa is a vegetarian. She’s been on a vegan diet for months now. She may eat a chocolate bunny for Easter as a binge, but nothing else. Now don’t accuse me of racial prejudice, okay? It’s a white chocolate bunny. :-)

  8. You are correct. Bunnies shouldn’t be left alone. They should always be paired off, one male and one female and sent to your house and see what happens.

  9. i used 2 have two bunnies, moony and bunny but saddly they died…….i really loved them alot :(

  10. Which spiel? Mine, his, or both? ;-) I know Elloco87’s …. *oops!* I mean "Ellokah87’s" comment is BS, & I tried to make mine total BS, but I’m not perfect. Sometimes a little truth gets in there inadvertently. :P

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