Bruno Mars Hosting SNL This Weekend

With Grammy award-winning artist Bruno Mars slated to serve as both the host and musical guest on the next Saturday Night Live we decided to catch up with the pop singercharmer to talk about his new album, how excited he is to host SNL, and what we should expect to see on the show this weekend. You wanna know what Brunos really like? Cool, fun and witty -- during our interview he joked, "Im not going to be funny...its going to be something new theyre trying at SNL." Check out the video below to hear all that, see his killer smile, and get in on a behind-the-scenes look at Brunos SNL promos.

24 thoughts on “Bruno Mars Hosting SNL This Weekend

  1. it’s true he’s a charmer n has KILLER SMILE with those cutest dimples in the whole world :D !!!! ;)  love him………… <3

  2. @callgirl91 apparently i havnt..or maybe i have i just dont know the show will be entertaining! :D

  3. I’m so sad, because i can’t watch SNL in my country! And that means i can’t watch Bruno as Host, or see him Perform. :-(

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