Bring The Fresh 2012 Review and Bonus: ZERO HYPE -- Click the link to the left to learn more about our bring the fresh 2012 community ($7 trial AND discount included). The usual price at is $97, but ive hooked you up with a $7 trial via my special link above. If you decide to remain with the bring the fresh family youll only need to pay $37 ONCE which gets you a massive discount off the bat. Im also including my Bring The Fresh 2012 Mentor Bonus pack to supplement the 3 bonuses mentioned in the video to help you get the most out of your bring the fresh experience. This is so that, i can help you out with all your online marketing efforts including video marketing and seo. So although youre going to gain access to real website case studies (like kellys kidney diet site) and help from the super friendly and helpful forum members at bring the fresh, youll ALSO be getting my 1on1 help by email and skype. This is so that you dont have to go it alone (if forums isnt your thing and you just want to dive straight in like myself) and be able to consult someone whenever you have a question or need help :-) If you need help andor want to make a bonus request please forward your receipt or receipt number (which ever works for you) via our new contact form. Dont be a stranger: Kelly Felix and Mike Long, the dynamic duo at bring the fresh HQ are fantastic teachers and have changed the lives of so many of their students, including myself. Thanks for watching! Royalty <b>...<b>

7 thoughts on “Bring The Fresh 2012 Review and Bonus: ZERO HYPE

  1. Hey. Heard about bring the fresh 2012. Can you tell me a little bit about the 1 article to rule them all at 1:10? New to this online thing, so please excuse the noobie question :)

  2. Hey! Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Good question.

    Mike long, one of the founders of bring the fresh and someone who is an expert copywriter teaches you how he structures his articles, writes them and makes em interesting for his readers.

    He teaches you how he creates multiple versions of the article using what’s known as spintax e.g. {sentence1|sentence2} so that once unspun will make each link in your articles count.

    That’s where the "1 article to rule them all" comes from :-)

  3. Awesome. Thanks for clearing that up. Started my trial today via your link and looking forward to the bonus :)

  4. Hi. No problem. Make sure to read the fast start guide and member forum, below latest news. That’s where i started. PM or email me if you need help.

  5. Nice elevator music lol. Found your video shared on facebook. Is this better than the sniping course?

  6. Hey Alex. Yeah i wanted to do something "fresh" for our btf community ;). If you mean gsniper by "sniping course" from george brown than i honestly wouldn’t be able to say because i haven’t had the need to try anything else since joining bring the fresh :-). Will look into it if i get the time. Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to comment.

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