Boot Domain – First Mission Boss Fight

Welcome to my Digimon World 2 for the Playstation 1 VLog ^_^ This video will be from Boot Domain Boss: Leomon - Champion - Vaccine Veedramon - Champion - Vaccine ToyAgumon - Rookie - Vaccine So basically this is a training mission designed to give you a feel for the game, as the entire game pretty much revolves around completing these domains dungeons and defeating the end boss. I am going to record the final boss fights for each domain as I go through the game (for the 200th time :P) and any other important battles (Colosseum). There is no real strategy in this boss fight, I can just basically flat out use attacks and take away their health with no real planning and have an easy win as your Digimon will out level the boss easily at this point in the game. In this fight I however do fight smartly by using "Ice Blast" which attacks all foes for a high ammount of damage overall, but weak if using against a single target easily out-done by lightning spear, knowing Leomon has a Counter Attack which will damage you back based on the ammount of damage you have done to him. There is no need to Guard at the end of the fight, as this is a boss fight you will not be doing any more fighting in this Domain, and I am not low on MP anyway. In future I will try slow down a little bit so you can see the dialogue rewards and abilities I have am using. I will try explain everything I am doing, and what my plan is to pass a certain floor. After beating this domain, you must join <b>...<b>