Bones Unboxing

We recieved the PROTOTYPE Vampire box the other day. We wanted to show it to you. (Cant stress this enough. We only recieved a couple of boxes in. Were still shipping in March. : ] ) ReaperBryan presents, Reaper Matt on guitar.

24 thoughts on “Bones Unboxing

  1. I’m…I’m gonna need some more brushes. This is gonna be fun. And my cat will, no doubt, claim the box right away.

  2. While the volume is impressive, the pan was just too fast. The camera couldn’t even focus, and the giant was cut off at the end. Please consider re-doing at a slower speed, since we still have three months to wait to get a better look.

  3. K, @imperialus11, since Youtube won’t let me reply to you directly for some reason:
    You know, you’re right about the baggies. But we ran the scenarios here and the baggies make it easier to ensure that we get the correct items into the individual boxes. One of those unfortunate times when what’s better for the consumer isn’t the most green option. On the bright side, the baggies are type 4 plastic, recyclable in many areas (usually where they accept grocery bags).

  4. As I have gotten older, the years have gone by faster. This is going to be the slowest December to March since I was 10.

  5. Dang! Who is that hot supermodel spokesperson! He’s the kind of guy to turn a man’s head… ;)

  6. just don’t do it naked. Shap pointy plastic bits +bare hide = an er trip you will never live down

  7. I have a considerably better camera at home. I’ll bring it up and give you guys a better fly-by.

  8. Guess I should have bought the paint sets as well. That is an overwhelming amount of minis. Shipping in March so we should be at less than 100 days till our boxes arrive.

  9. Can’t tell if you panned across the entire way or pulled the mini’s along, it’s messing with my eyes and my mind.

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