Bloodsport 2 1996 ( Full movie ) 480P

This is the Full Movie of Bloodsport This video is for Viewing purposes only if you enjoy this movie please Buy this DVD at an retailer here is a link for you Thanks

17 thoughts on “Bloodsport 2 1996 ( Full movie ) 480P

  1. Yeah, he fought under a different name before he was an actor. And won ALOT, most of his stuff was in England.

  2. Ok, this is definitely NOT as good as the first one. Oh, and the kids are ANNOYING. Who was the genius who wrote that part of the film?!

  3. Nice variety of Martial Artists and not to many one sided fights. fights were back and forth and some combacks.. good fight scenes. Reminds me of the Video Game Art of Fighting..also Final Fight (Haggar, Cody, Guy)… lil bit of Streets of Rage, the first Arcade Street Fighter 2 (8 character) . the music is also got an Arcade twist to it ;).. The first blodd sport was one of the best fighting movies

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  5. OK let’s get some facts right that was not a katana that was a chinese 12 or 13 century emperor’s sword, katana’s are japanese not chinese.

  6. big disappointment! this movie is like a cheap remake of the original, even the fight choreography is almost exactly the same! terrible!!

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