Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2010

Jimmy Carr hosting Jonathan Ross + Ruth Jones Alan Carr + Michael McIntyre Noel Fielding + Richard Ayoade originally aired 3 January 2011 (source: Hannibal at

22 thoughts on “Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2010

  1. All I can see when Jonathan and Ruth answer questions is Matt Smith’s perfectly placed face.

  2. i think that can was Professor Mcgonagall watching the Dursleys and Merge -Uncle Vernon’s sister- put her in the bin …

  3. I think Jimmy Carr is typically pretty funny, but as host of Big Quiz, he comes across as a bit of a twat.

  4. "this is your tax money thats being spent."
    Youre damn right "Your" but not you Jimmy not you.

  5. No disrespect but I just don’t find Ruth Jones funny at all. Is she even a comedian? I’m not sure. Poor choice for this show anyway.

  6. They have totally different styles of comedy, I don’t even see why you’re comparing them other than they both sat next to Noel Fielding at one point. 

  7. nothing kills your ability to study for your end of year exams like this beautiful piece of television.

  8. Man, when Richard brought up tax dodging, Jimmy looked so uncomfortable.
    I don’t think his tax avoidance thing had come out at this time and the way Richard said his name afterwards put such a great look on Jimmy’s face.

  9. Look up ‘Old Gregg’, and look at the like/dislike counter. That’s about the proportion of people who like him compared to those who don’t.

    (It’s about 35 to 1 against. Being in the ‘1’ just means you don’t like that type of comedy)

  10. Yeah I don’t really like his style of comedy, it’s too silly for my liking I don’t mind the occasional silly joke but to me that seems to be all he does.

  11. "These are officers of the law, this is your tax money being spent." It was funny seeing Richard Ayoade mentioning tax avoidance and Jimmy’s nervous laugh, or am I looking into things too much :)

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