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If youre really interested in seeing what you can do with Bluehost, Ive created a "showcase" video that will demo some of the types of sites that you can install. Follow this link to view the vid: I am an affiliate for BlueHost which means that if you use my link to signup, theyll give me a percentage of the signup fee. This is a nice way to say "thanks" if youve found my videos useful... a nice way for some "karma" to go around ;) Bluehost is one of the best web hosting companies Ive worked with, so for being an affiliate, Im also a user.

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  1. hi Brian, ive just built my own site using sitespinnerv2 and already have the demain name. yesterday i joined bluehost but am finding it hard to upload my site to it. i know very little about computers but learn as i go along. can you give me the steps i need to do to get my site online? and maybe do a video for the future for others who are not that computer literate like myself? thanks richard

  2. If you hop over to my channel.
    Just above my age on the top left side is a link to a great web hosting company – Webhostingpad. For only $3.96/month you get pretty much unlimited everything (storage, bandwidth, etc). They also give you a domain name of your choice so you don’t have to buy one yourself. They even have tons of plug-in software that you can set up for your website like: online store, forum, blog, photo album, etc. I set up a web store for my grandmother in just 1 day =D

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  4. I found these to be the best
    If you search on google, you can usually get a coupon, that will give you the first month free.

  5. UBservers. com offers enterprise grade FREE web hosting services and paid web hosting services (Shared and VPS). Our secure, stable, fast and reliable hosting garantees 99.9% uptime, includes tons of features, and offers 24/7 phone support. Try it risk free and upgrade anytime. Visit us at: ubservers. com

  6. Okay, i was kind of confused by this. I have a website written and everything is in a folder, and I want to upload that folder somewhere. Which package do I buy on bluehost and how do I upload the server?

  7. If you want reliable hosting from a well known company click on my username below
    They have great servers too which is Great for Beginners, blogs, and any personal websites you may have Btw you should ALWAYS have seperate hosting and domain names companies.

  8. HostGator is a leading provider of web hostingOver 500000 websites trust HostGator for their web hosting needs Visit —->

  9. I’m a web designer and Hostgator is the best. Why don’t you guy try it and see what it is. You can you usethis coupon code to get $0.01/month : 10off135deals
    You will lose not thing when you just pay 1 cent to know what is the best host for your website. it is better than spend a year to read research.
    Good luck and thanks.

  10. Hostgator is by far the best host ive dealt with, they even let me have hosting for one penny by utilizing the coupon "KINGTRAFFIC"

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