Best Web Hosting: BlueHost Review {—Click Here to Check Out BlueHost today! In this video, Im going to show you why BlueHost is going to make you LOVE web hosting, and why it makes having websites easy saving you time and money, and making it simple to have a massive presence on the web. First of all, BlueHost offers unlimited hosting, allowing you to create rich, multimedia websites and you NEVER have to manage how much stuff you put on your site. Now thats great, but alone its not a huge advantage. After all, you can get cheaper hosting that has a cap, but its a really huge amount of space that youll probably never fill with just website content. But thats where the second advantage comes into play. Bluehost also lets you host unlimited domains on one hosting account, which that whether you build 3 sites, or 300 sites, hosting costs just $6.95 a month. That saves money and time because you dont have to manage or pay for multiple hosting accounts for every website you put up. Not to mention that the price structure is really simple compared to hosting accounts with limited domain names. Along with that, you get one domain free forever (each additional domain is $10year) so if you have a main website you dont have to worry about renewing your domain each year, and if you only have one site, you never have to worry about renewing it. The last big advantage to BlueHost, is the 247, tech support, and Im talking about real, responsive tech support with a Live Chat option, you know, REAL tech <b>…<b>

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  3. @chopstickninja Bluehost is highly dependable and I’ve never had bandwidth issues, even with media-heavy sites. They are always monitoring connections to ensure needs are met, and I think you’ll find them more than sufficient for your needs (and GREAT tech support!)

  4. you get what you pay for, being cheap doesnt mean its completely reliable. also, there is no such thing as true unlimited storage because in order to offer such low prices, bluehost would have to oversell, alot.

  5. Brilliant presentation, since i am looking for a new host … i will be clicking your link, i am really going to miss that girl in the nice shirts ……..

  6. I used hostgator for over 2 years now and love it! Use coupon code INSTANT25NOW to save 25% on any web hosting plan.

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    You will lose not thing when you just pay 1 cent to know what is the best host for your website. it is better than spend a year to read research.
    Good luck and thanks.

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