Sign up to get a Mincraft server TODAY. They are very supportive. Upload plugins and new worlds any time. Also they give you a free Mumble account, its like Skype but better. HostedGameServer: Want to get Free APPs? Visit the website below on your iPod, iPhone or iPad: Thanks for watching!


  1. You are very welcome, please share it with your friends. I also would love to come on your server sometime.

  2. You have to install CraftBukket with FileZilla.

    I can send you a video that will explain it a lot easier.

  3. or you can make a free and easy CraftBukkit server like me…….Just saying save your money

  4. 2dlls per slot omg hell no thats a lot. Imean imagine 20 ppls thats 40 bucks. i pay less then a dollar per slot

  5. I just bought from forbescraft(dot)net and there prices are very fair for there really good quality and not to mention support. I have to say that forbescraft is a lot better than redstone hosting.

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  7. download and get free windows vps valid 100/100 host france only

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