Best Minecraft Server Hosting Services

These are my thoughts and opinions on some of the MInecraft server providers I have researched and looked into. I am sure there are other great server providers out there, however these are the best available in my opinion. Server Providers: Hosted Gaming Servers: VeryGames: Global 7:

21 thoughts on “Best Minecraft Server Hosting Services

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  2. If you’re interested in great, cheap hosting check out our services. MCProHosting . com!

  3. Hey guys,
    All of you who want a really good server should check this one h t t p (://) bit(dot)ly/PhtGFS
    I really highly suggest it, it have a lot of good reviews ! And they have reliable and affordable services with 99.9 uptime !

  4. If u rent the verygames do u have to rent for a year. Instead of renting for month by month. And still have the same world

  5. Beastnode is a great one for servers. Having nice cheap (like 8.50 a month for 20 slots) servers, and good RAM

  6. How does it work when you choose minecraft_server.jar for very games? Do you change the ip in the to something more specific? Can someone give me a tutorial?

  7. With verygames you only have a server for a few months. I dont want my server stolen from me after a period of time

  8. Erm ok 7 miuntes 50k views? Wth…
    Ok so in 63 minutes 450 views? This logic ITS SO COMPLICATED

  9. You should check out lvnhost. com they host very high quality uk servers. Ive had mine there for a while now, its very cheap. And the owners are looking to expand into denmark etc

  10. Join our Cracked, 24/7 bukkit server!
    No lag, both PVP and Non-PVP worlds, Mob Arena,
    PVP Arena, Residences, Towns etc.

  11. ~~ CHOOFIENATION 24/7 ~~
    everyone come check this server out!

  12. True, I honestly don’t have my own server, I’m currently co-owner of one…
    And it’s actually only 30$ for 60slots
    But it’s hard to get lag free host starting off on a new server unless you got a whole ton of money you can spend…
    Until you get a whole bunch of people and donors, alot of people use cheap hosts.

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