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Welcome, Serverminer Limited is a UK Limited company which serves Minecraft servers internationally to every country in the World. We specialise in hosting advanced hardware. Our main hardware consists of an Intel i7 Processor, 24GB DDR3 RAM, 100mbs Port speed, 10TB Bandwidth, 1.5TB HDD. We currently rent several dedicated servers located in France to give you the best performance possible. This is just one of the reasons why you will enjoy your server. We are looking to advance to the US and Germany and will soon be hosting Web hosting and dedicated servers. ServerMiner website: Want 20% off? Use the Promotion code: SPAWNER Regards, Serverminer Limited

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  1. I just bought from forbescraft(dot)net and there prices are very fair for there really good quality and not to mention support. I have to say that forbescraft is a lot better than redstone hosting.

  2. Our dedicated servers are hosted currently in a French datacentre with Intel i7 Processors with 24GB of DDR3 RAM as well as a 100mb/s port speed. We have many plans in the next couple of Months to expand to the US and Germany.

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    This information is not sold and is only used for our reference to make sure we are not dealing with Fraud. We will never give or sell this information to anyone but Serverminer Limited.

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