Best Affiliate Programs: They Convert Like Crazy!!

Best Affiliate Programs for CRAZY Conversions! Empower Network affiliate program: These are my best affiliate programs top picks. I have chosen thest to be the best affiliate marketing programs because they all offer backend commissions to maximize lifetime customer value. This means you are not just making one off affiliate marketing sales, but actually building a business and residual income at the same time. Many people just promote low ticket Clickbank affiliate products for one-off sales. But then the vendor will make lots of backend commissions and you get no credit for that. Same with Amazon affiliate programs. So instead how about going for affiliate programs that give you lifetime cookie tracking. This means you earn commissions for the initial sale AND lifetime backend commissions if the customer goes onto buy anything else from that same vendor in the future. Also look for an affiliate marketing sales funnel. This is where you sell an initial low ticket affiliate product and then the buyers are sent into an upsell sequence where you can promote high ticket affiliate programs for the big money on the backend. CPA affiliate programs are some of the best affiliate program around because you can make money even without making a sale! For example, you can just refer someone to fill out a free trial of a product with ZNZ One or ZNZ Big Cash (ZNZ stands for Zip Nada Zilch) and get paid $20+ for that. I also like the EZ <b>…<b>

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