Before Choosing a Web Hosting Provider

On The video explains the Top 10 Tips Before Choosing a Web Hosting Provider Reliability and Uptime When Choosing a Web Hosting Provider, this factor must be top of the list. If you host on a server that is only online 50% of the time then youll be losing half your visitors, business and income! Support Customer support is an important factor Before Choosing a Web Hosting Provider. Your websites server and network should be monitored 247 — that includes public holidays! Data backup Choose a company that offers backs up your files. Then if the unforeseen happens, your website can be restored. Flexibility & Freebies Its always awesome to choose for a web hosting provider that offer you to easily upgrade your plan in the future. This may include increasing disk space, number of email accounts or extra data traffic allowances as your business grows. Moreover the web hosting company must offer you something free such as Free Domain Name, Free Marketing Credits and much more. Disk space and Data transfer Dont cut yourself short on disk space and data transfer (bandwidthtraffic) when choosing a web hosting provider. Most websites consume a very small amount of disk space, but you should go for Unlimited packages. Server features This factor is little more technical, the operating system of your server may determine the types of scripts you can run. Check with your host to ensure these minimum features are available with your plan: FTP, SSH PHP, Perl <b>…<b>