Aug 28, 2009

Welcome to our very special Fall and Winter preview episode of Inside Gaming where were talking about nearly every game you can look forward to playing this holiday season. We are also doing our very own WoW movie contest, send all submissions or to Twitter @insidegaming. Please send FileFront, YouSendit or some other hosting file links, attachments are strongly discouraged. The winner shall get the remains of The Dead Pixels swag bag, sadly the Ranyor toy is already spoken for, but were still giving away the space marine murlock pet, so shut up and be happy. Well be going to PAX next week so well be shifting over to our daily coverage mode. For updates of when our episodes go live and other gaming tidbits follow us on Twitter @insidegaming. That is all, end transmission. FOR MORE MACHINIMA GOTO:

19 thoughts on “Aug 28, 2009

  1. How is the date of the posting date of the vid August 27th 2009, when the video says August 28th, 2009?

  2. dude ads r the reason why youtube is free, just ignore it, only like 10 secs of ads

  3. u can easily see that dead space is from capcom cuz its the same gameplay as bionic comando XD

  4. sorry about that bro, i didnt notice the time, i was in a rush, my mistake :)

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