ANNOUNCEMENT: Husky Hosting Magic???

FREE DEMO: (Give it just 5 minutes and let me know what you think!) WHEN: October 12th, 5pm Pacific Time (8pm Easterm) WHERE: Watch FREE: WHAT: Basically a fun Magic event with lots of YouTubers. Its going to be awesome. SECOND CHANNEL: Follow me on Facebook: Follow me on Twitter: SUBSCRIBE Second Channel:

24 thoughts on “ANNOUNCEMENT: Husky Hosting Magic???

  1. While not an Insult, I suggest starting every new hand with the phrase
    " My hand looks like a foot!"
    For best results, Repeat this every game without fail to ensure maximum annoyance ;)

  2. my frinds dad have a verly big book of thos badboys and have the ultimate deck he can hit ko

  3. Did you know, the first pulsar star, discovered in 1967, sends out pulses every 1.337 seconds

  4. I wonder if Jesse will be good at microing his cards, or if he will go with a 1-hand all in.

  5. The only fitting insult would be to approach Jesse with a pink silk glove, slap him about the face with it and to challenge him to a duel.

  6. "I’m not saying that you’re an idiot… but you do appear to be neural parasited by a mentally challenged infestor"

  7. Yo mama so fat that the wizards of the coast replaced day of judgement with a fallen copy of you mother

  8. Yo momma so fat if she fell in your mana pool, you’d be tapped out! HEYYOOOO

  9. "Oh Toby looks like your out of land cards. Guess you shouldnt have tapped them."

  10. know what i like about you? nothing ( and all the black people say dam at the same time whilst putting their heads back amd widing their eyes)

  11. Man them video-editing-skills. I wonder where you got those from.
    Also one possible insult: "I will cut off the end of your video!"

  12. "you are so ugly, even suicide bombers would run away from the target if you are there"

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