Announcement: Beware of Bowl of Noodles MC Hosting – My Story

This video will tell you about my experience with Bowl of Noodles hosting. Please share this video with your friends and give it a like or favorite or at the very least warn them. Im still flabbergasted over what happened... If you want to ask question yourself during the coming weeks feel free to hop on their livesupport and ask them: ------------------------------------------------------------ My last chat with BoN:

19 thoughts on “Announcement: Beware of Bowl of Noodles MC Hosting – My Story

  1. Haha, man this is ridicules! What the hell?! How come such people exist? Like the only thing they should care about is the money since they’re a company but instead they care about things like customers thinking of going to another place… Just so stupid! Also I went to they’re live support thingy and I got kicked because I used the username cubehamstersupporter and I said; know something about Cubehamster? I was kicked because of the word cube*****er… XD Damn how pathetic! Goodbye man! – TDI

  2. Well this is what happens when we take action in things such as this, they retaliate back and the way they did it just proves how unprofessional they are in handling customers and non-customers.

    As you can see here pastebin(dot)com/ugfrnsbL they treat non-customers who could be potential customers as garbage like that Gamera person for instance. Lying about banning people and calling us liars in return.

  3. In the live chat they say that every comment regarding Cubehamster will make the user who posted it automatically banned.

  4. +++ BoN866 set to mode +x
    Welcome to Bowl Of Noodles | If you have a question, ask it, don’t wait for someone to prompt you. | If you do not recieve a response use the support system. | WARNING: Comments regarding Cubehamster may cause you to be automatically banned, sorry!

  5. i would recommend obbyhost its really good i know the guy who hosts it and if there’s any prob;ems he wont sleep until it gets sorted

  6. They changed their irc chat to /live-chat/ instead of /irc-chat/ and are auto banning everyone talking about cubehamster guys, what a great server hosting company…

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