Ancient Domains of Mystery: Episode 1

Hello guys, and welcome to my lets play of Ancient Domains of Mystery, better known as ADOM. I apologize in advance, as I am not that good at the game, and I currently have a cough. However, the episodes will increase in quality as time goes on. Thanks so much for watching!

3 thoughts on “Ancient Domains of Mystery: Episode 1

  1. Hey – just a couple comments here. First, you are way too quiet in this video. ADOM is not exactly an action packed game so you really need to bring some enthusiasm to it or it will get dull quickly. Secondly, you just kind of jumped into it without explaining any thoughts about the game or how you are going to play it. I blinked and missed what you picked in character creation. You didn’t explain why you went into that dungeon or what you were expecting (or if you had any idea), it would help~

  2. Thanks! I’m trying to do better on all those points in the next few episodes, and I’m also going to do games with more action (Quake, Binding of Isaac, etc.)

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