ANA Responds to ICANN Opening Top-Level Domain Market

Although ICANN began accepting applications for new generic top-level domains earlier this month, the dispute over its controversial plan is not getting any quieter. Last year, ICANN announced its decision to allow any company or individual the ability to purchase new generic top-level domains. The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) has led much of the criticism of the plan, and it, along with 161 other organizations has formed the Coalition for Responsible Internet Domain Oversight (CRIDO) to raise awareness of their concerns. WebProNews spoke with Dan Jaffe, the Executive Vice President of Government Relations for ANA, about ICANNs execution of the plan. According to him, ICANNs plan will be harmful to both businesses and consumers. Not only have ANA and CRIDO pleaded with ICANN, but the FTC and other areas of the US government have also reached out to ICANN to express their concerns about the plan. ICANN has said that it would protect businesses against defensive buying of domains, but as Jaffe explained to us, it has not tested to see if its protections actually work. While the impact of ICANNs action wont fully be felt until after it closes the application process in April, Jaffe told us that ANA and CRIDO would continue to raise its concerns in hopes of being heard. Incidentally, ICANN has said that it has already approved 25 successful registrants for new domains. For more information and related videos, visit: