23 thoughts on “Amazon.com Earning Strategies

  1. Lisa…I have just subscribed to your channel…but have been checking out some of your videos for a couple of months or more. I find it informative and outstanding.

  2. I’m not sure but I think they require you to have an actual website when you sign up, but I could be wrong since it’s been 14 yrs since I joined.

  3. Thanks so much Lisa I recently made my first sale with Amazon, lol $6. But thanks for making this video they’re so inspirational and they help me a lot considering the fact that I’m 12 Years Old and I make some good money on the internet, thanks to you and Darren Rowse. 

  4. I have tried CJ, Amazon, Click Bank and no luck i only make money from adsense. I am still in the learning process however I hope to make money in the future from these programs. I have not given up on them as yet. I might be doing something wrong. I have been doing this now for 2 years and still have a lot to learn. i am not making much Money as yet even though I am on the first page of Google with one of my blogs. But lisa is very informative and gives very good advise, keep up the good work

  5. A suggestion: perhaps adding some money clip art in the thumbnail (or an image of real money) will result in higher click-thrus for this video.

  6. Do you have any tips on getting over writer’s block when making an email drip sequence? Desperately need help in this category.

  7. Lisa, you made me aware of a few things that I can do with Amazon, excellent Amazon tutorial, thank you very much.

  8. About your own website, is this the Amazon affiliate website or a personal website that you create? Where did you create your website? And how do you get traffic to come to your website? Can your website be a free blog?

  9. You write content and recommend products that are related to what you are selling. Did you see my example in the video where I have the page on camera/software I use for YouTube videos? That’s exactly how I promote their products. You can use Blogger or other free hosts but I don’t recommend free hosting. Too risky and unprofessional.

  10. Great video on one of my favorite, user-friendly, affiliate programs. Their interface is incredible. I do have a question regarding their widgets. Some of them are javascript. Is there a way to make those "nofollow" so we don’t "upset" Google? I feel when I use them, my visitor count goes down (30-day duration). When I remove them, it recovers. Coincidence? I use contextual links often and successfully however. Would love to add a "my recommendations" banner without any worries.

  11. I haven’t noticed any decreases when using the javascript and it’s my understanding that it’s the noscript code that gets you in trouble with Google (which is often used for cloaking). Hopefully their algorithm is setup to recognize amazon.com links, etc. and not trigger any penalties.

  12. Thanks for this informative video. I was shying away from Amazon but now I think I will reconsider their program.

  13. Thanks Lisa!  I sighed up for the program and put a few links into my blog and I’ve already had a sale! Interesting thing is that the sale that was made was something I did not "promote"… but they apparently went to Amazon and made a purchase from my blog. So I guess that counts too???

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