10 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing vs Network Marketing

  1. Yep, stunning day. Same deal here….I am home making videos and networking. Good breakdown. You prosper with each opportunity. Affiliates focus more on selling products. Network marketers focus more on selling themselves. No recruiting with affiliate marketing, and recruiting, prospecting, and dealing with objections in network marketing.

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. I like you Ray. I wish what you said were true. However, leadership, mindset and team-building is something I have never seen from any network marketer. The sole focus of every network marketer I have met has been to sign someone up and move on to the next sign up.

  3. Ray, I’ve been benefiting from your leadership and personal attention to our team. Being careful as to who one brings into their team and how one applies themselves to help them build their success is, in my opinion, a crucial element in building any successful relationship. ‘tambrose445’ and others should stay positive and find quality people to enhance their lives. Our sum is greater than our parts. There is a difference out there. A bad marriage doesn’t make all marriages bad. Find the good:)

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