Affiliate Marketing or Network Marketing, Which Is Better?

What is the difference between Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing and which one creates more profits? I received and email from someone yesterday about this topic that got me to thinking. Rob Fore is someone who I respect in the industry and has made a lot of money in both Affiliate marketing as well as Network Marketing. First of all let me state right up front the differences between the two. Affiliate marketing is not multilevel where you are paid on the efforts of others. The focus is on your own efforts of marketing product or service. This can be a one time sale or a reoccurring sale of a subscription of some type. Products like those you find at click bank and amazon are good examples of an Affiliate program. Network Marketing on the other hand not only pays out a direct commission to the person making the sale but also gives the person the ability to recruit and develop a sales team or organization where you are earning from their efforts as well. Which is better? According to Rob Fore affiliate marketing is a much better way to make significant money fast because as he puts it, "It can be done WITHOUT building a large network of people and it does not require the luck of a leprechaun." As he puts it, in MOST network marketing companies - to earn a $5000 per month RESIDUAL INCOME you will need to build a team of 2000 or more people. What he is saying makes sense unless of course there are strong upfront commissions paid out form personal sales. Many network <b>...<b>