Affiliate Marketing Online Paradigm Shift – Is It Here To Stay? - Affiliate Marketing Online Paradigm Shift - Is It Here To Stay? There is a big shift going on in the affiliate marketing online space. This has been coming on for over a year now. The way affiliate programs are structured is changing and even some MLM companies are changing their structure to adapt to the new landscape that is being created. What exactly is that new paradigm shift that is taking place in the industry? Let me tell you what I have seen evolve recently and what I am discovering on a daily basis. A few months ago I knew that My Lead System Pro was looking to revamp their entire system. The reason why is because of changes in the market place. If you do not change, and change quickly, then you are going to be left behind. This applies to affiliate marketing online, network marketing online and offline, and any other business. Plain and simple the marketplace IS going to change. The only question is this: Are YOU going to change with it to keep up. It can be a daunting task at times. You are busy running your business and keeping things profitable, but you always have to be looking ahead to what is coming. If you do not keep your pulse on what is new and up and coming, then you WILL be left behind. As I stated in a communication to my list the other day: Its not Personal, Its Just Business. So Affiliate marketing online was going through a big change. One company started paying out 100% commissions and that set the standard and raised the bar <b>...<b>