Affiliate Marketing For Beginners in Simple Easy To Follow Steps part 1 Affiliate marketing for beginners in Simple Easy To Follow Steps. Okay lets get started I am not able cover all the aspects of affiliate marketing for beginners in one video so if you subscribe to my channel you will get notified to when the next one in the serious is on my channel The important thing to know is you are selling somebody elses products. This could be a physical products for example goods they sell on Amazon or electronic products in other words information products. A good place to start for electronic products is Click they have been around for many years and are totally reliable to pay you on a weekly basis either by check or directly into your bank account The commissions can vary from 30% to 75% depending on the product. Warning: there are many people that have tried to make money in affiliate marketing but the failure rate is a shocking 97%. Why is there such a high failure rate? Most affiliates are under the misapprehension that you build a website. Write a few articles about the product you are selling place a few affiliate links in the appropriate places and bingo make a few sales right? Nothing could be further from the truth that is why there is such a high failure rate. If you can visualize your website as a shop in the mall and you have the doors closed nobody is going to enter the store. In the same respect imagine your shop in the mall is your website. In order to succeed as an affiliate you have to get <b>…<b>