AF002 Audio Domains and Waves

Audio Fundamentals Course, Episode 2. Im working to post one of these every week. Please feel free to leave feedback, questions, suggestions, related experience, requests for subjects to cover, etc. I cant promise Ill respond to them all individually but I will read all comments. Curriculum by Stephen Solum and Matt Mayfield. Music composed and performed by Matt Mayfield. Presentation, text, graphics, and sound examples by Matt Mayfield except where otherwise indicated. To order Steves book, follow this link:

4 thoughts on “AF002 Audio Domains and Waves

  1. it’s very basic. But i like it and i look forward to following your videos in the future.

  2. @timonix2 Thank you! Yes, it will be basic for a while, and gradually build to more advanced topics. In the meantime, I might occasionally post something advanced here and there.

  3. Very nice video. Like others have said, it is very basic but i have a feeling they will become very relevant to your future videos. They are very well explained and I like how you keep things simple for now so beginners wont feel intimidated. I’m looking forward for the rest of the videos.

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