5 Easy Steps to Internet Marketing for Small Businesses

Marketing a website doesnt have to be terribly difficult. Its pretty much just a matter of knowing what and how to do it, and then possessing the proper skills and time to implement it. Aggressive and effective internet marketing not only builds your companys web presence, it also enables you to become involved with potential customers in new and exciting ways. There is a clear and direct correlation between your marketing budget and revenue growth. The reason why a user visits your website is because they are after information. Whether they are seeking the opinion of a professional, a product, service or review, people are looking for information and answers to questions. Just keep answering the question "Whats in it for me?" (WIIFM), as this is the only question that matters to the customer. Text content equals importance on the Internet. You should only have quality, informative content that is easy to understand so visitors can share your message. The most important rule a website must adhere to, is to create an abundance of focused, original content. This will interest your visitors, prompt conversion, encourage word of mouth and attract links from reputable sites. A website that lacks quality content is a failure to both search engines and visitors. Just as you should insert particular content into your website, you should also remove any text that does not assist you will the sales process. stratagemllc.com for a free download of the 20 page version...

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  1. Another really well done video. I’ll keep coming back for more if you keep posting. Who did the video?

  2. this is a really good internet marketing video. One of the best I’ve seen on YouTube. I’m going to the site to download the eBook

  3. Why do you think people ignore the most obvious things such as quality content. Awesome stuff, more people need to watch this and do what is said here…

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