10 South Park Episodes that Prove Cartman is Evil

Eric Cartman is pure evil and we collected some of the funniest South Park episodes as evidence. www.liquidgeneration.com

20 thoughts on “10 South Park Episodes that Prove Cartman is Evil

  1. @SmashLiXs Cartman killed another boy’s parents by luring them on a farm and having a farmer kill them. Then he grind-ed them up, then he put them in chili had the boy it and licked the tears off the boys face. All for 16 dollars. The boy’s father was Cartman’s dad, he did not know this at the time and when he found out he was more upset he was part ginger. He killed quite bit of people. He even wanted to start genocide. Stewie had a dream killing his mom. Cartman actually did do something evil.

  2. Ah I still remember watching # 1 as a kid. It was the first moment that I was truly afraid of Cartman, and I’ve never looked at him the same O_o

  3. "do you like it? do you like it, scott? i call it ‘mr and mrs tenorman chilli’." >:) i love evil cartman

  4. no u need all shots of cartman 2 show the awesome evilness of the best character on south park…cartman

  5. We don’t even get the new South Park episodes over here, and I still feel the need to say ‘I miss Cartman’s old voice’. It doesn’t fit Cartman having him pronounce his Ts and be so eloquent. Cartman is the least eloquent character in the whole frigging town.

    I guess at least they didn’t go the Stewie-from-Family-Guy route yet and completely change his character to, in one word, a ‘fag’.

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