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Would you like to host your own radio show? Visit: tgn.tv =-=-=-==-=-=-==-=-=-= ■ No technical expertise needed ■ Go Live on the air in minutes ■ Share your messages everywhere ■ Connect with friends in real-time =-=-=-==-=-=-==-=-=-= by The Phantom Zone Radio Show Entertainment Wed, September 19, 2012 Kristy Lynn is about to literally take the country music scene by storm! Born in Connecticut and living in New York City, Kristy is more than a triple threat! Shes a dancer, writer, actress and a singer! Her love of country music was sparked while singing at a charity fundraiser that her father and friend created called The House of Heroes. She met with Nashville singer, songwriter, and producer, Tim Maggart who wrote the theme song for House of Heroes. Then all of a sudden Kristy finds herself in Nashville recording her new EP titled, Ill Take The Country! With songs like , Stretch, Taken By A Thief and the self titled track, Ill Take the Country, you can hear how Kristy Lynn was born not only to perform, but to Take the Country to a whole new level! From New York to Nashville… Were ringside as Kristy Lynn begins her journey to the top of the Country music charts and reveals her inspirations behind these soon to be classic hits! After the first listen, youll be hooked!

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  1. Thank you for posting my interview!! Just letting you know, one of the pictures you used is a different Kristy Lynn. The picture at 2:45 is not me!!! :) But I still appreciate the video!!!!

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