PLEASE WATCH 720p HD & READ DESCRIPTION! 8D This is the first time Im hosting a Mep so I hope I can do it right. Everyone around me is curently hosting a Mep so I have to host one too. What I learned from hosting a Mep; – More than half of the ppl wont do the part and u have to search for other people to do it. – The deadline. No matter how far it is, ppl will ALWAYS need more time and u have to FIGHT for getting all the parts. – Rules about using one Anime one time etc will get forgotten. – Reminding ppl to do a greenscreen will be forgotten too. – No matter how hard you try, In the end you forget sth, NO MATTER WHAT! XD Lol okay it is very hard to host a Mep but in the end I am very proud to be hosting this awesome Mep since I love all the parts and editors. Ur awesome guys!! Thanks a lot to those ppl who filled a track (many ppl filled a track). ^w^ ENJOY IT! :DD ~ ♡ EDITORS ♡ ———————————– ❥Part 1: xMySweetSunnyboyx One Piece PeronaxZorro www.youtube.com ❥Part 2: jennichanful Kaichou wa Maid-Sama UsuixMisaki www.youtube.com ❥Part 3: thesakurafanify Naruto NarutoxHinata www.youtube.com ❥Part 4: PitchixChan Mirai Nikki YunoxYuki www.youtube.com ❥Part 5: MINE! Shugo Chara AmuxIkuto www.youtube.com ❥Part 6: WhiteLiolynx Ouran Highschool Host Club TamakixHaruhi www.youtube.com ❥Part 7: Orgi13xAkatsuki Higashi no Eden AkiraxSaki www.youtube.com ❥Part 8: zFailedAttemptz Kaichou wa Maid-Sama UsuixMisaki www <b>…<b>

25 thoughts on “☆ ƧTUTTEЯING | ᴹᴱᴾ

  1. in the end of the second movie :O
    the movie is called Higashi no Eden (Eden of the East) Lost Paradise ^^

  2. Aaah…Another song about stuttering? It seems to me as if it becomes really modern nowadays…Good job!

  3. Nono, I was the FIRST person that hosts a Mep with it & then all the other ppl were doing same.

  4. no i ment the songs themselces =3 like stutter from that…woman I forgot her name xD And stutter from mariannas trench P=

    I could marry the person who made the YunoXYukki part.<33

  6. Aaa owo thanks for telling..
    Watched Higashi no Eden like half year ago xP Kinda ‘ve forgoten it, feel like watching it all over owo;

  7. This is just awesome *A*
    Good job everyone!
    Oh,can someone tell me the name of this song & the singer plz? çç

  8. All couples are well to eception of sakura and naruto after the video is good :)

  9. Saki and akira, soul and maaka, misaki and usui, zoro and perona, and naruto and sakura….. FTW!!!!!!! U chose some good couples! xD

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