The Internet Marketing Song (C’Mon and be an Internet Marketer!) Lyrics: Joe Giddings and Mike L. Silverman Music: Joe Giddings Video and Music Producer: Joe Giddings Ahhh, the Internet Marketing Song (AKA: Cmon and be an Internet Marketer) has been a labor of love for a long time. My goal was to create a little "power-pop" song about everything I learned about Internet Marketing over the last few years. I then wanted to share this song with all my followers on FB, TW and G+. Funny enough, about two years ago I would not have known what any of these lyrics in this song meant. It was by accident in August of 2010 that I stumbled upon Pat Flynns Facebook page called Smart Passive Income. That day changed my life! His blog posts became my personal bible and blueprint on getting out of a business "rut." I expanded my web design business to include Internet marketing and utilize everything I learned from Mr. Flynn to help my clients achieve their goals. In addition I began my own niche site in the "education" field and literally freaked out when I made my first 18 cents in Adsense!!! Also, I am a founding member and SEO Director of a music membership website that provides online music lessons to homeschooled children. I would not be where I am now if it wasnt for stumbling upon Mr. Flynns Facebook page that hot summer. Another person (who happens to be mentioned in the song and was introduced to me in Pats business podcast ) is a gentleman by the name of Corbett Barr from Think Traffic. His mantra "Epic Shit <b>…<b>

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