What Vemma Sponsors Aren’t Telling You, Discover The Facts

Before you read this article you have to understand that there are thousands of network marketing companies out there and it is YOUR job to do the research about which one is right for you. I appreciate your curiosity to look into and research Vemma and I hope that this review will help you make a decision about this company.

This company was founded by the owner and CEO Bk Boreyko. In 2004 It was first created by BK, a pioneer in the network marking industry. BK created a youth revolution within his company and in the past few years has seen a explosion in sales. BK works with a wellness team of experts that created the healthy product. Not only does this drink give you the vitamins and minerals necessary for vital health, but it gives people all over the globe an opportunity to generate a full time income.

Many have asked questions about the company when introduced to the concept of marketing with a binary payment plan. The biggest question entrepreneurs in this business face, is what is vemma?

Provided that this question is very general I’m going to do my best to explain to you what exactly this company is . . .

Before you understand what exactly the company is you need to learn about what it isn’t. Vemma is not a “scheme,” “scam,” “fluke,” or other sketchy term you can come up with. Companies like this have a negative reputation because of illegal practices like pyramid schemes. BK’s company is the official drink of 2 NBA, 2 NHL teams, endorsed by Michael Jordan, and promoted by Dr. Oz as the # 1 vitamin energy drink supplement for our population.

So now I hope all the skepticism about the legality behind this company is out of your head lets begin with the review of the payment plan. The CEO pays it’s distributors with a binary compensation plan. If you are unfamiliar with this kind of payment It is based on a 2 team building strategy. A new distributor enrolls one person on their left side and another on their right. This process then continues down a binary structure. The benefits of this system is to promote team building. You can’t succeed unless you help your teammates succeed.

In my opinion this is a great strategy to building your marketing team because it encourages you to train and work with people in your down line. Once you establish leaders under you they train people on either their left or right side to build leaders as well. The breakdown in this type of plan occurs when people don’t recruit 2 members into their company. This can be fixed by recruiting quality people who WANT TO SUCCEED!

First starting out with a business you have to have some prime global marketing strategies. The usual methods new people in this business choose is the classic 100 list of names strategy. What i mean by that is they write out a bunch of names of people they know and call them until they get a “yes.” This strategy works for some people but is very hard to accomplish quality results. I had my own experience with this method and that’s why i refuse to use it anymore.

The reason I no longer use this strategy is because I didn’t like bugging my friends and family members non stop. I also wan’t seeing the greatest results, and in the course of 2 weeks and only recruiting 3 people on my team I decided to look in another direction. The website I stumbled across changed my life and now I’m able to recruit 1-2 distributors into my vemma company DAILY!

Nick Anderson is an expert in network marketing recruiting. To get more vemma verve facts watch his educational? Vemma brand partner video.