How to Make a Website in Four Minutes

Find Your Domain: Get Your Hosting Havent you ever wanted a nice shiny website at a dot com domain? But you didnt want to pay someone to do it, and figured it was too complicated? Well, that changes now! Hank Green, who has been a professional web developer for almost 10 years, is letting out some secrets. Its really easy to get a domain, web hosting, and a working web site in under four minutes of work. Just follow his simple instructions, and youll be set by the end of the day.

Domain Names: Debating the Effects of a Dot-Anything World

ICANN, the company that assigns what are called domain names for the Web is making a big change and rolling out a program to dramatically increase the number and kind of names available. However, that could prove to be a costly endeavor for some businesses. Ray Suarez leads a debate over the effects of the new rules.