x2-hosting.de Shortclip Contest (Hosted by tweeday)

www.youtube.com – www.facebook.com x2-hosting.de Movie Contest in association with tweeday Prizes 1. Corsair Vengeance 16GB DDR3-1600 Kit CL9 + TS3 20 Slot + Gameserver 14Slot (6 Months) , + 50€ Paypal Payment 2. Corsair Vengeance 16GB DDR3-1600 Kit CL9 + TS3 20 Slot + Gameserver 14Slot (3 Months) 3. TS3 20 Slot + Gameserver 14Slot (3 Months) RULES SHORTLY: -Include the intro in front of the video and DO NOT EDIT IT IN ANY WAY -Put the watermark over the whole clip (it is attached in the .rar file) -The video must be named: x2-hosting.de Competition Entry by *YOURNAME* -Put following in the description: Competition Entry for: www.youtube.com in association with x2-hosting.de -You can use ANY music you want -Edit ANY game life footage you want -Upload a .rar file with your entry and a .txt file attached (containing your youtube link and the songname) -All clips will be uploaded to tweedayy -I will upload clips onto Mrtweeday aswell only if they contain no copyrighted material and only if they are really well edited. -Minimum Length: 20 seconds EXCLUDING the competition intro -You can and might enter other competitions with the clip, but only if the intro of the x2-hosting.de Movie Contest is the first intro shown in the clip -By entering, you acknowledge that your stuff will be used for commercial purposes. -Send all the submissions to my youtube account (either tweedayy or Mrtweeday i do not care) -Deadline: 11.03.2012 —-DO NOT EDIT THE INTRO, JUST PUT IT IN FRONT OF <b>…<b>

.WS IDN – How It Works – Global Domains International, Inc. USA.mp4

This video quickly explains how .WS Internationalized Domain Names function in the real world for billions of Internet users worldwide. www.worldsite.ws

Global Domains International – GDI USA

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