How to Make a Website in Four Minutes

Find Your Domain: Get Your Hosting Havent you ever wanted a nice shiny website at a dot com domain? But you didnt want to pay someone to do it, and figured it was too complicated? Well, that changes now! Hank Green, who has been a professional web developer for almost 10 years, is letting out some secrets. Its really easy to get a domain, web hosting, and a working web site in under four minutes of work. Just follow his simple instructions, and youll be set by the end of the day.

22 thoughts on “How to Make a Website in Four Minutes

  1. 1. Why do you need to buy it to make your own web site?
    2. You talk to fast!
    3. i am not going to make a web site coz i what to watch how to make a web site
    4. i am going to dislike your video!
    5. your lame!
    6. Mario
    7. i am random
    9. Nintendo 3DS
    10. Super sonic

  2. You guys DONT get it. 80Dollars is for the domain, If you didn’t buy a domain you can’t have a website. 80dollars is the 12months process, So it’s around xxamount of money a month, So it’s not a TOTAL 80dollars upfront it’s a monthly process, Otherthan you can’t have a domain.
    If you want a free domain I recommend going to webs because well you get a domain for free WITH the address of website.webs.— So basically your paying for the .com/.net/.org

  3. Try, its free unlike this $80 package this guy suggests…

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