AlunaGeorge – Attracting Flies (Audio)

Attracting Flies | March 10th | Remixes forthcoming from Baauer, S-Type + more. Taken from the debut album Body Music – Released 1st July 2013. http

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23 Responses to “AlunaGeorge – Attracting Flies (Audio)”

  1. Frankie Combo says:

    new HIT!

  2. sc jaune says:

    aluna et george, luv them

  3. eclectica1 says:

    I tried to view…record company blocked it :-(

  4. Ngqabutho Mpofu says:

    Such a good song love this you guys are so talented viva alunageogre

  5. mainstreampretto says:

    Another hit. They can not possibly fail.

  6. LarniPhoenix says:

    cant wait for the s type remix !

  7. Josephine0alexandra says:

    They done it again damn

  8. Klunky Junks says:

    cant wait for baauer remix.

  9. kpsychodad says:

    can’t wait for july.

  10. ineedchips84 says:

    suck my balls

  11. Oliver Newby says:

    Love it!!

  12. Harley Scroggins says:

    I hate those comments saying "so and so brought me here," but I seriously have to thank Hannah Hart for introducing these guys to me. They are wonderful and they deserve the recognition they’ll be getting from Hartosexuals.

  13. indigoprint says:

    can’t wait anymore.

  14. danniwheelerxx says:

    Insane, that’s it,

  15. DiskjockeyJr says:

    I really hope these two don’t sell out, they’re so talented.

  16. Leah Burger says:

    Ill send you an alternative link so you can view it. It’s blocked in the UK and germany apparently. :/

  17. Leah Burger says:

    ah you have to add me as a contact first. then I can send it. Sorry!

  18. VanillaBlossom321 says:


  19. raesian1 says:

    i can’t get enough. i don’t see this song ever getting annoying. ever

  20. lwoodhead4 says:

    Love this song and love how long your hair is in this picture

  21. luckymangaflower says:

    Love this song the beauty of music!!!~

  22. brow12345678910 says:

    when baauer remix out?

  23. Corrinne Frampton says:

    How can anyone not like this song?!

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